Sims 3 Bug from 1.7 patch – Cannot Collect Money from Businesses

Recently I had a user pose a question about collection from businesses here:

I looked into the issue and it seems that most recent patch 1.7 is the cause of this problem, and as of writing this there is no fix created yet. The only way to get rid of these “patch” problems is by re-installing your Sims 3 and simply not updating with that bad patch. Sometimes it’s a graphic card issue though, so don’t forget to update that before you do anything. EA will release yet another quick patch to fix it hopefully, but until then I advise avoiding the patch if you haven’t updated yet. This is the reason I never grab the latest patches. I always wait and see what problems there are (there always are) and then decide if it patching is worth it. Sometimes the fixes are nice, and sometimes they are worse compared to the version I am using. Good luck my Sim-friends!

Here are some of the other problems that you may find along with this issue:

  • The food spoiling bug where food spoils even when in the fridge (had to buy a whole different refrigerator but it seems to be working ok now)
  • The error code 16 when saving game (choose save as and renamed the game, so far working out ok)
  • When in build mode I can’t see the objects until they are actually placed. So like if I’m trying to put a window on a wall I click the window, move my arrow over to the wall and instead of seeing the window on the wall I just see a blank hole where the window is going to go, once I click it the window shows up.
  • Since updating with the patches (im now on 1.7) i cannot take anything out of the inventories and i have the same problem with build mode, i cannot see where i am placing an object!
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