Post Your Screenshots

Have a funny or interesting screenshot? Why not share it? Post any Sims 3 screenshots links here!



7 Responses to “Post Your Screenshots”

  1. wiremanart Says:

    here is my favorite lot (for now). It took a few hours to put together from scratch and the theme was large open areas, compact rooms, and contemporary overall design. I also put nearly everything on the bottom floor so I wouldn’t have to switch a lot between the upper and lower floors.

    I also like to grow bestsellers.

  2. irg1973 Says:

    Wow, the pics of that favorite lot you have up there. That’s a elegant looking building. Very modern.

    • wiremanart Says:

      I actually have a newer lot, but it’s taken a while to create and still not finished that is much more modern, I guess it would label post-modern fantasy? thanks!

  3. Axe Says:

    Hey I am just about finished with my gardening lot. I will post picks and the link to download in the exchange in less than a week. All plants unlocked, perfect, and ready to harvest. A fully stocked fridge of backup perfect plantables and a special surprise of collectibles on the second floor.

  4. Lizi Says:

    i don’t get how to use omni plants help!!

  5. Ibeithaj Says:

    If looking for life plant look for it next to the graveyard but far by the empty green lots and look for special seeds n you’ll find it 😀 n its not a easy task, it took me my sims hole life, then I had to restore her and many days after that finally got it:))

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