Changelog and Additions


A. Upcoming Guides in Progress

B. Updates in Progress

C. Guide Changelog

D. About Me


A. Upcoming:

  1. writing guide
  2. career path overview
  3. add table of contents and erase requests page (was never used)

  4. gem guide


B. Updating:

  1. fishing guide/screens

  2. gardening guide/screens
  3. ambrosia screens


C. Changelog (all changes to individual pages are logged in that post)


  • changed comments display from 10 to 100, extended reply depth
  • finally finished the gem guide, posted as draft but I think it’s pretty solid
  • created a little logo for the site and added to the right panel
  • added business buyouts guide
  • figured out how to add social networking after 3 hour search, finally implemented
  • changed about page to changelog, formatted and updated
  • changed comments to display only the 10 most recent
  • added some approval for comment moderation
  • added my moodlet manager mod
  • worked around some problems with the visual editor in WP, much easier to edit posts now
  • Career path guides for Athlete and Science
  • Added new basic career path guides for culinary and military


  • added news section and posted new update patch
  • added how to make ambrosia
  • added cooking guide
  • Ron’s default lifetime rewards guide added
  • added rough draft of fishing guide
  • created layout, defaults, and pages, etc.
  • created blog


D. About Me

Hi there! First let me introduce myself. My name is Ron and I am a simulation game fanatic. If you are reading this then you probably want to know why I started this blog. There is one simple reason; to help you! I will try and post relevant information, much like a Wiki, but more personal. I’ll offer tips as well as take any questions you have. Hopefully my site helps you, if not, let me know and I will do my best!

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