Sims 3 Business Buyouts (Simoleans the easy way)

Simoleans the Easy Way

“Get your money for nothing and your chicks for free”

I’ll just tell you straight out, the easiest way to make money in the sims is by buying the businesses. There are a hundred different ways to earn enough money and I’ll let you choose which one you want, but I will also give you big shove toward some of my favorites.

  1. Write Bestsellers, this takes a while but you get big simoleans
  2. Get Famous, perform and sign autographs
  3. Act Criminal – it’s dirty, but you’ll have respect AND the simoleans
  4. pull in thousands a day just for a few hours deathfishing!
  5. Literally Grow multiple high priced items with omni plants

consider yourself shoved. check out my other guides for more detailed ways to earn!


Business Buyouts:

Here are the list of businesses and how much Cash you need to Buy them out. The earlier you can buy a business in the game, the better, although I prefer having enough to fully buy them out instead of partial ownership.

business/partner cost/full owner cost/§ generated/weeks to earn back investment(s)

Diner: §6,000/§18,000 = 2,000 weekly = 8 weeks
Bookstore: §7,000/§20,000 = 2,000 weekly = 14 weeks
Grocery: §7,000/§20,000 = 2,000 weekly = 14 weeks
Bistro: §12,500/§25,000 = 4,000 weekly = 10 weeks
Day Spa: §15,000/§35,000 = 6,000 weekly = 9 weeks
Warehouse: §15,000/§35,000 = 6,000 weekly = 9 weeks
Business: §18,000/§40,000 = 6,000 weekly = 10 weeks
Theatre: §18,000/§40,000 = 6,000 weekly = 10 weeks
Hospital: §30,000/§75,000 = 12,000 weekly = 9 weeks
Stadium: §35,000/§80,000 = 13,000 weekly = 10 weeks
Science: §40,000/§100,000 = 15,000 weekly = 10 weeks

*weekly pay sometimes randomly varies by §1,000



So that’s pretty much it. Every Monday during business hours a new payment will be awaiting you at the destination you own. Simply go there and click “pick up money” and your sim will spend about 15 minutes getting your paycheck from you receptionist. How easy was that!

The drawbacks are it takes a while to earn enough, but if you buyout businesses early on, in 9-14 weeks you will begin to see FULL profit and each week you’ll keep getting rich. Don’t sit around with 100,000 or more simoleans, go ahead and buyout a business or two so you can earn your investment back for pure profit. This is NOT advised for those who choose short sim lifespans and only play a single generation. Think of it as a trust fund or retirement option for your sims children. Take over the town, rename all the businesses to your liking, and enjoy the easy life!

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