Lifetime Purchase Points – Ron’s Defaults

Ron’s defaults – the easiest and most efficient purchases to grow your sim

There are certain things you will need to purchase with your lifetime points that make the game easier. The reason you want to focus on certain purchases is because points are not cheap. They can take a long while to obtain, especially if you choose higher goals that take a lot of time. This guide will help you earn rewards, build skills, and make life easier for you (and possibly your sim) by streamlining your lifetime purchases.

Basic Strategy

You want to leave at least one or two spaces open with 150-500+ lifetimes points in the WISH QUEUE. The reason for this is so you can easily delete or accomplish little things. The bigger things remain in the background. You can always take the chance to eliminate a large reward 2500-5000+, and hope that it comes back later, or you can cut losses and do tons of small things that add up to that amount. I go the middle road and try to leave 2 spots for small rewards, two for bigger. If it seems like a long time since you’ve earned anything, it’s probably better to cut losses and erase one of your bigger wishes. I have made this “default” skill guide so that you can build your sim quickly. If you enjoy taking your time by all means play that way, this is just a guide to earn rewards and grow skills as quickly as possible for your sim.

Here I will list by priority, and leave it to you to choose the best strategy for your sim
I also made the following categories: Convenience/Job/Skills/Rewards and Money

Lifetime Purchases

High Priority – these are the purchases you want to acquire quickly

Convenience: These reduce micro-managing your sim

Hardly Hungry 25,000 Slows Hunger

Steel Bladder 15,000 – Eliminates Bladder

Job: Improves Job Skill

Multi-Tasker 10,000 – Gives you better job performance

Skills: Helps improve Skillsets

Fast Learner 15,000 – improves skills more rapidly


Medium Priority – these are helpful but can wait

Convenience: These reduce micro-managing your sim

Dirt Defiant 15,000 – slows hygiene

Job: Improves Job Skill

Office Hero 5,000 – improves relationships at work

Long Distance Friend 25,000 – always keep friends

Rewards/Money: get better rewards, keep or earn more money

Bookshop 10,000 – discount on books

Opportunistic 10,000 – greater rewards for opportunites

Skills: Helps improve Skillsets

Super Greenthumb 20,000 – improves gardening

Acclaimed Author 30,000 – write best novels

Creative 30,000 – paint best paintings

Low Priority – these are very useful, but are expensive so should be purchased later

Convenience: These reduce micro-managing your sim

Teleport Pad 70,000

Food Replicator 50,000

Mood Manager 60,000

Full List

Fast Metabolism: Change body shape faster
Observant: Learn traits quickly when socializing
Speedy Cleaner: Clean thing faster
Professional Slacker: Slack Off at work doesn’t deteriorate job performance quickly
Discount Diner: Restaurant meals on the house
Complimentary Entertainment: Theater shows on the house
Office Hero: Co-Worker option at work more effective
Legendary Host: Parties are more effective

Attractive: Start relationships at higher level automatically
Bookshop Barginer: Cheaper books at the book store, permanently
Steel Bladder: Never have to pee, ever
Multi-Tasker: Increases job performance or homework for younger sims
Change Lifetime Wish: Choose a new Lifetime Wish
Opportunistic: Increase rewards for opportunites (earn 2x reward)
Fertility Treatment: Increases chance of twins or triplets

Dirt Defiant: Hygiene bar deteriorates slower (mostly when working out)
Never Dull: Never boring when socializing
Vacationer: Reduce performance deterioration for missing work
Fast Learner: Develop skills faster
Haggler: Store purchases are cheaper, permanently

Super-Green Thumb: Grow all crops at higher quality
Long Distance Friend: Relationships won’t deteriorate
Mid-life Crisis: Choose different traits

Hardly Hungry: Hunger bar deteriorates slower

Extra Creative: Paintings are of better quality (not guaranteed masterpiece)
Acclaimed Author : Make more money from selling novels
Body Sculptor: Allows you to edit the shape of your body

Collection Helper: Shows all collectibles on map overhead view, and zoomed in they are lit areas.

Food Replicator: Replicate meals without waiting times

Mood Modifier: Zap or Cure sims on your lot


Teleportation Pad: Get to different points on map instantly

Reminder: these are only my opinion. You can play the game however you wish. I have found using these basic tips helps move along your sim more rapidly and that is all. I hope you enjoy my defaults, but feel free to experiment!