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  1. tiffany Says:

    I have things to plant like basil and berries and stuff and when I clicked on them before it told me I had to wait til level five to plant now im on level five and it won’t give me the option anymore what do I do?

  2. Amber Says:

    Im playing the sims and i saw a space shuttle flying around do
    i have to do something?

  3. Jordan Colby Says:

    So I went to delete all the things in my family inventurey and there was alot. So I pressed delete everything and its tacking forever to processing. It’s been processing for more then 30 minutes. What should I do????

  4. tatiana Says:

    How do I get my Sims 2 watch the cooking channel or any other channel. I have boosted my channels and I still get nothing.

  5. angie bobzin Says:

    Hi tatiana have u tried onto them and taking them to a tv and clicking to the tv and tell them watch ? if u have your sim on puppet u can tell them what to do if they have their own free will they will fight u hopes this helps.

  6. Jasmine Says:

    I downloaded sims 3 and ambitions and create a sim high end loft stuff in my computer driver (D) instead of driver (c) and now I want to download island paradise the same way but I need to update the patch so whenever I update it after it finishes it says no game installed help 😦

  7. Matthew Says:

    Hey guys well I’ve been having a major problem with my Sims3 since I had to get a new hard drive because my old one crashed with my Sims on. But now I tried to reinstalled it on my ‘new pc’ but now I have the base game on disc with all my other expansion packs except for Town Life & University Life ( I lost the discs) <—- 'what an idiot' which I luckily registered on the Sims 3 website so I could download it again on Origin since I no longer have the disc. When I installed everything it worked until I installed the downloaded expansion packs and it told me that I can only install those expansions if my base game was also downloaded through Origin! 😥 CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

  8. Matthew Says:

    Hey guys sorry that my last comment was totally off topic but I didn’t know what else to do I wasn’t getting replys anywhere else because I’m in desperate need of help!!! 😥

  9. Zack Says:

    So my wife has died in my family. It’s been a couple of days since she has been dead and now her urn is missing!!!! I have checked the mausoleum and managed the dead but her ephitat wasn’t there! I have also looked into my family inventory and have tired to reset her, none of it works! What do I do?!!!?!?!?!??

  10. millie Says:

    I have just gotten the Sims 3 Dragon Valley, but for some reason it says I have already downloaded it but it doesn’t show up anywhere in my software, applications, or downloads. It also won’t show up on my origin account. How can I get it to work, or play

  11. Swooly Says:

    My sims 3 packages were not working and I noticed that I did not have a resource.cfg where it read override and packages, so I moved them to a file on my desktop. Then, I deleted my mods folder and my frameworkshift file and reinstalled them. Then, I moved all the packaged files I had back to the mods packages folder and now my game takes forever to play and forever to unintall items. I haven’t played it sense. Please help me. I wanted to play my sims 3

  12. emily Says:

    How do you get a tree den which expansion do you need!!!!!?!?!?!:'(

  13. Ron Says:

    In my Sims game my magic mirror wont work on any of my people they haven’t even use it before just when they use they stay the same

  14. Batrishia Rakhim Says:

    I need help 😦
    My sim just got married to this other sim. But two days have passed (in sim world) and i still can’t click on build/buy mode because apparently “moving in is in progress” . It’s driving me insane! what do i do?

  15. Leah Says:

    Ok, so I’ve created this family that consists of two Sims, a male and a female. We live in a big house and have got a baby bedroom that is for a baby girl. I really want a baby girls soon but want to know before I get my Sim pregnant, plz help Xx

  16. Suzy Says:

    You can make sure the baby is a girl by having your sim eat a bunch of watermelon (I’ve seen people say 10) after you get her pregnant.

  17. NimbleFlourish Says:

    I have a Simbot who I gave the Bot Fan Trait from Into the Future it has the option to change into robot form just like any other Bot Fan but when I click on it the action cancels itself. I guess this is because the Simbot can’t change it’s outfit, but I’m really disappointed because the idea of entering a Clunky Simbot in a Plumbot competition tickled my sense of irony is there anyway to stop the game from canceling the action?

  18. molly Says:

    Hi, I’ve been searching for a laptop to play Sims 3 and 4 on and I found a lenovo y40 that I want to get but it doesn’t have a opitical drive to put discs in, do I need one to play the Sims?? Please help me

  19. Lana Says:

    When I click on some furniture installed, the game will be canceled and not saved. what to do? How do I know that do not install? And how do I install bunk bad?

  20. Kaye Says:

    How can I get community on my residential lot? The buydebug cheat doesn’t show some of the underwater objects like the faux ruins, etc. THANK YOU! 🙂

  21. Crystal Says:

    When i play the Sims 3, and i go in Tab mode to take a picture, the lot gets put out. Like i’m not in the lot but i am. It’s kind of hard to explain but basically you know how lots go blurry when your not in them? It’s like that, but i was on that lot until i went into tab mode. Does this make sense? Does anyone else get this?

  22. Diana Says:

    On my sims 3 game I just wanted to continue playing where I left off, but what it decided to do was make all my sims icons disappear, make the wants disappear, I can’t view my sim at all, the town won’t show the pop ups, and I can’t extend the wants thing to show the needs and everything else. How in the world can I fix this?

  23. Katie Says:

    I bought sims 3 on origin and I tried to download it onto my USB stick(there’s enough space and everything) but it said “the game installation directory is invalid” what does this mean? And how do I fix it? Thanks.

  24. Vivian Says:

    Will I get the dragon for free if i have finished the book of spells task?

  25. Paula Says:

    Hi! I have a weird problem. I am playing The Sims 3 base game (on linux, if that’s relevant), with an update 1.66. Game runs just fine, but it seems to have some kind of glitch – the are no leaves on trees (even the evergreen…;)) or shrubs, no flowers, there are literally just bare branches. This “bare trees” are on my sims’ lots, as well as on community lots, and all throughout landscape (only palm trees have leaves, which all toghether is even more weird). Now, I have been playing on laptop so I did set lower graphics settings, being careful not to cause overheating, but when I noticed this “glitch” I changed the settings to highest, ’cause I thought that lower graphics settings might be causing it, but no – nothing’s changed. As I mentioned before, it’s just the base game, so it’s not Seasons thing. If any of you have any idea, what is going on, I’d be reaaaaaaally grateful.

  26. Amanda Says:

    So i kinda have a question, I downloaded WinRaR to download poses, then i started to download custom content and stuff. Now it says that WinRaR has 40 to try it, i made a mistake and didn´t read that, now 40 days has passed and now it says i have a copy, so everytime I download custom content it dosen´t show up in my game. And now im wondering to uninstall WinRaR from my computer – but now to my real question: – IF i uninstall WinRaR from my computer will ALL of my poses and custom content that i have downloaded trough WInRaR disappear?

    • Ron Wireman Jr. Says:

      Amanda i know for sure uninstalling winrar will not do anything to your already installed content. All winrar does is “unzip” a file, essentially it compresses the file itself, then when you uncompress it will be readable. There may be some free programs out there that will unzip, but i always use winrar so cannot recommend any personally.

  27. Alexis Colston Says:

    I’m playing Sims 3 on Xbox 360 and I’ve run into a problem. My sim was pregnant and she went into labor. I sent her to the hospital by going to the map and clicking the hospital then I hit “have baby at hospital”. The Dad was with her and so on. But nothing came up to change the mothers clothes. Also, it’s been about three days on the game and my sim is still in the hospital. I took the Dad out of the hospital by canceling the action of being with the mother after about a day since he had to work. I tried to cancel the action of the mother having the baby since its been so long but nothing is happening. I haven’t heard anything from her or the hospital. I also click on the hospital and again it came up with the “have baby at hospital” command. Pressing that command does nothing. Can someone please help me figure out how to get her and the the baby out of the hospital?

  28. Amber Says:

    I’m playing the sims 3 with expansion packs on my mac (the game is mac/pc) and I’m getting a laptop soon. How do I transfer my games from the mac on to the pc? I’m worried that if I install it and type in the code I used before on the mac will it say that I can’t use that code again? Please help??!!

  29. Emma Says:

    This is on sims 3 Xbox- I had 2 sims get try for baby and I heard the lullaby for both but only one has began vomiting and the other one hasn’t shown any thing… The one that did not puked was the one that tried for baby first! What do I do???😕😒😦

  30. TristaCollins Says:

    So … the sims 3 for PC, I have no clue what bad CC I installed 😦 When I go into create a sim and go to create a male, all of the heads are female heads/faces!!! If I go into looks to change the head and such, it’s still female, and the size of a female’s head. Has anyone else had this problem and figured out what bad CC they’ve had? If so … please please email me, Thank you in advance!!

  31. Krista Says:

    So I started off in a different town, had the collection helper, moved towns, and now no seeds, or small animals are showing up anymore. Any reason why?

  32. Carly Says:

    ★★ NEWBIE
    2 pt
    ‎04-06-2016 09:17 AM
    I’m so mad I can’t play sims 3 anymore without internet. I have to login to origin and it won’t let me do so with out internet. When I got internet I loged on and selected offline mode. The game will start loading and then it’s comes up saying that there is an error. If the game does load it always freezes up and won’t let me play it. I have tryed everything what can I do to play sims offline.99% of the time I dont have internet.

    • relentless Says:

      I suggest going to the sims boards for help. Bugs and glitches were one of the reasons i stopped playing, that and i needed to devote my time in other ways. Sorry i couldn’t be of help.

  33. Alex Alee Says:

    Does anyone knows why my sim is glowing yellow?

  34. Samantha Zamora Says:

    Hey guys! So I’ve had Sims for more than 10 years and I’ve never had a problem but now it’s absolutely ridiculously slow like freezes every10seconds for 30 seconds and gives me 5 seconds gameplay ridiculous. But anyways so i got a new computer so now i have Windows 10 and now my mods aren’t working! To be more specific the content mods aren’t working but my gameplay mods are and i have tried all the steps posted like a million Times i have deleted the folders and redownloaded the resource file a million times! So don’t tell me this basic stuff that’s been done and i know my computer is reading them because it takes about 120 min for the game to load up as opposed to 30 min ( which is still ridiculous) but please i need your guys’ help i love this game but if this keeps up i don’t think i can keep playing it!

  35. samychristine Says:

    Hey guys! So I’ve had Sims for more than 10 years and I love this game but ever since I got a new computer the problems have started. SO its now a Sims 3 and the so slow i mean its ridiculous! It pauses for about 30 seconds and then gives me about 5-10 seconds of normal gameplay, that drives me nuts! So anyways my mods are so crazy now too so only the mods that affect gameplay are working but not my content mods and not only that but my load up is horribly slow about 100-160 min? so anyways I have tried deleting the folders and putting them back and deleting the resource.cfg file and redownloading and absoutlely nothing is helping I actually didnt sleep for 3 days because i was trying to figure this problem out! i finally gave up until yesterday when i was playing one random little clothing mod popped up and the reignited the flame. so now i am determined to now fix this problem! SO please guys im begging you please help me fix this lagging and why are only the gameplay mods working and not content?! does it have something to do with windows 10? also i know that it can sense it because when i take them out and only have like 50 mods it takes like 10-30 min to load but if i have my mods then it takes 3-4 times longer to load up so I know it reads them yet theyre not showing up. And i know im kind of on the right path because for the longest time neither types of mods would work but now i have atleast the gamplay mods working. Thank you sorry this is so long!

  36. Danielle Lewis Says:

    How can i get to level 11 by skiping

  37. Hannah Says:

    I would like to do a deserted island challenge where I start out on a small island and slowly build a civilization. The problem is I would like to control the population. I only want my 8 sims on the island. But instead I have random sims that keep spawning around the island. I would like to get rid of them and never have random sims other than my own.
    My island is empty besides mail boxes and one computer so I can use nraas(mod). I don’t have any rabbit holes.
    I do have Register mod from nraas that I thought I could use to help but I cant get it to work.
    If anyone could help with directions with nraas register mod or recommend another mod to help I would be so happy!

  38. Alyssa Says:

    Like a month ago I recently got a new laptop and I got sims 3 again on it. I got a good amount of custom content. Some is in the downloads folder and some is in my mods folder. I also have like 4 installed worlds and like 1 or 2 saved games. All those things show up in their folders like they always have but I went on my laptop today and went to play sims 3 and all my custom content, installed worlds and saved games weren’t in the actual game. I checked to see if everything was still in their folders and they were but everything is just not in the game anymore. Also all of my games setting were reset to default as well. I changed them back to how I like them though. Please someone help me it would make me so happy. Thank in advance!

  39. Galaxy-Star02 Says:

    So Im playing sims 3 and im trying to create my sims.. i have 6 sims in a household, and theyre all premade. Theyre a bit old, though, so i decided to edit them a bit by changing their outfits. So i change one of the adult’s outfits then i go to change a child’s outfit.. when i go back to choose the lifetime wish of the same adult (i forgot to do that), i look at all the outfits i JUST changed, and theyre all mixed up and different?! It happens all the time now, but it never happened before. any help?

  40. Angi K Says:

    My sim can’t click on some objects and people. I’ve tried resetting the sim but still whenever I click on a hospital (to get a flu shot for example) no options pop up. It just doesn’t click. Please help!!

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