News – My birthday! and 1.3 patch released

Yes today is my birthday my fine sim friends. It’s been crazy and the blog is getting more use than I ever dreamed. Thanks for all your comments and helpful additions. I’ve been pretty busy lately IRL, but I’m trying to make time to add to the guide when I get a few spare hours. I appreciate all the kind words from everyone, it really keeps me motivated and makes me feel rewarded for the efforts I’ve put into the blog.

A few days ago a new patch was released. You’re game should alert you to update, but since I haven’t played for a while I didn’t get the memo. Anyway there are a TON of new changes and fixes. I will definitely be updating because a lot of things got worked out. Remember any mods you have installed will also need to be updated, so if you are having a problem right away, you should check those first before blaming the patch update.

Here is the full list, it’s really long. Have fun everybody!

new changes

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One Response to “News – My birthday! and 1.3 patch released”

  1. Seanna Says:

    Happy birthday! I am so glad I found your site.

    With your help, my Sims are able to achieve more. Great job. Keep it up.


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