Moodlet Manager Mod – Perfect Moodlet Manager

Here is my first mod for the Sims 3. This little mod creates a perfect moodlet manager that will no longer fail. The only negative moodlet you will be able to give is “exhausted”. It’s pretty much the only one that was given most of the time anyway, but now it will not longer be random. Up to 4 negative moodlets can be cured simultaneously and it will always be successful.

Installation Directions

Step one: download the file here as free user.

Step two: extract files to desktop. use winrar it is also free.

Step three: Click “TS3InstallHelper” and follow the setup instructions, restart your computer.

Step four: Simply right-click the “mood_manager_perfect.package” file and save it to the hacks folder.

Play the game and report results or thanks back to me!


Note: i have created and tested many mods already with no ill effects. This is a very simple hack that changes none of the core files. If you have any other mods installed they may, in some very highly unlikely case, affect the game.

Uninstall Directions:

delete mods inside mod folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods)

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greets and thanks to modthesims ladies and gents for the helper monkey

2 Responses to “Moodlet Manager Mod – Perfect Moodlet Manager”

  1. AbeTheBlackFox Says:

    File Download broken. Reupload.

  2. Ron Wireman Jr. Says:

    HI there I no longer update any of this so no guarantees it still works, but here is the original file, notes inside. happy simming

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