Sims 3 How to make Ambrosia?

Cooking Ambrosia


Life Fruit + Deathfish = Ambrosia. Easier said than done.

To create ambrosia you not only need a lot of cash on hand to purchase the recipe itself, but you’ll need to nearly maximize 3 other skill areas as well; cooking, gardening, and fishing.

  • I suggest having two or three sims combine efforts, otherwise it’s a huge task for a single sim. Not impossible mind you, but it would take significantly longer to achieve.
  • I also suggest doing all three simultaneously. Improve all of them gradually and try to get to the “Goal State” I have listed at approximately the same time.


Improving Skills


Keep improving your cooking skill and saving money from your job, this is not a difficult process, but it does take time. See my cooking guide for more info.

Goal State: Saved enough money to purchase ambrosia recipe, cooking skill level 10


skill will have to be at least level 7, at which point you can plant “special” seeds. You’ll need to plant a lot. Why? because the special seeds are unknown” and can be one of the following: death flower bush, life plant, money tree, and flame bush. So you only have a 25% chance of getting a life fruit, and the seeds have to be searched for throughout the world. They also require a lot of fertilizing to get going, so it’s a long process. In addition to being difficult to find without The Collector, phew. Please see my guide on gardening for more info.

Goal State: Gardening Skill at least 7, Life Fruit acquired and planted.


You’ll need to be at level 7-8 fishing. I recommend just hanging out wherever there is a deathfish (check by cemeteries 12am – 5am only) and fish until you catch one. The bait for the deathfish is the angelsfish, and the quality doesn’t matter. See my fishing guide for more info.

Goal State: Fishing Skill at least Level 8, able to catch 1 deathfish.


Cooking the ambrosia 😛

Have deathfish + life fruit in your inventory, go to the stove and click “more” if ambrosia isnt’ showing. Then you select it, bake it, and enjoy immortality!

Sorry it’s not an actual “step by step” guide, but as I wrote before, you are going to have to do all three at the same time, and there is no straightforward way to go about doing it.


What does Ambrosia do?

  • Never goes bad, ever
  • Will reset your sims timeline back to zero days to next age (cannot reverse age)
  • Can bring a >restored< ghost back to life
  • gives a huge bonus to your sims moodlet +75 for a week!


For more info read “cooking guide” if you haven’t already

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18 Responses to “Sims 3 How to make Ambrosia?”

  1. Tipster Says:

    Apparently there is a bug:

    If it’s your sims birthday when they eat Ambrosia, they will appear to go back to the start of the start of that age period, but will still age up later in the day.

  2. Sedira Sanders Says:

    One of my sims bought the ghost of her mother back through an opportunity at the science facilty, but since then the ghost has went back to the underworld. Can I bring her back again and feed her the ambrosia?

    • wiremanart Says:

      no, once a ghost dies the second time they are unable to return. I’m not so good with the death things though so I could be wrong.

    • Kath Says:

      You can bring your sim back twice, just take their gravestone back to the science facility because the option to restore a sim is always there after you first do it, it just costs this time. Ambrosia didnt come up for me at first, but I put the ingredients into the fridge and then it came up. I havnt actually tried feeding the ambrosia to a dead sim yet but I know you can bring them back more than once. Hope this helps and works 😀

  3. Melinda Says:

    Can ghosts make ambrosia? I have a ghost at 10 for gardening, fishing, and cooking. They have life fruit and death fish (but not perfect quality). They know the ambrosia recipe, but the option to cook ambrosia never comes up? Ghost issue?

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi Melinda, Yes it’s either a ghost issue or possibly you need to put the ingredients in their inventory. Also when you get to a certain amount of recipes you need to check the “more” option which brings up additional recipes to cook. Hope that works!

  4. jessi Says:

    Okay, I got all the ingredients, the life fruit, and death fish, and she has level 10 cooking, and gardening. and she’s read the recipe, but it won’t show up in any of the list things. Does she have to have like fishing, cooking, and gardening maxed??

    • Tania Says:

      I think they do, you also have to have a perfect quality fish and fruit

    • Helponity Says:

      You may have some sort of bug or you don’t have the correct ingredience to make the ambrosia. Are you sure you’ve got the correct life fruit and death fish? Are you sure you’re sim has read the ambrosia recipe? That might be the problem.

    • Jordan Says:

      Well, you can only make it if you Have Dinner, not if you Serve Dinner. Try putting the ingredients in the actual inventory instead of the fridge as well.

  5. nw Says:

    um, guess this reply is too late, but have you tried putting the ingredients on the fridge? click the open fridge button and drag the necessary ingredients to the fridge. once you choose have breakfast/lunch/dinner, ambrosia will appear as an option. hope this helps!

  6. MJCA Says:

    once you have all the ingredients with a lvl 10 cooking skill go to the refrigerator and choose “Have Breakfast” , “Have Dinner”, or “Have Lunch”; instead of choosing Serve Breakfast etc etc. so that the ambrosia will be available as a choice.
    Note: Ambrosia can be made whatever time of the day as long as you choose to “Have” not to “serve

  7. Erddad890765 Says:

    From what she said if it does not show click the thingy in your inventory that makes it.

  8. Lost Says:

    How do i give the food to the ghist??

  9. Sarah Says:

    I have made the Ambrosia, my dead sims grave is in my lots yard… how do I get the ghost to come and eat the Ambrosia so she can come back to life? Thanks! Sarah

  10. A very confused Rachael Says:

    Ummm….quick question, so if you had somebody that had died and was restored at the Science Lab but didn’t quite make a human (a ghost still, but now a playable character) will Ambrosia still work??

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