Sims 3 Gardening – Life Fruit, Death Flower, Money Tree, Flame Fruit, Omni Plant


Choosing Traits:

You should definitely select the “greenthumb” trait for gardening sims, this goes without saying.

learn the gardening skill faster
get high quality plants plants more often
talk to plants to raise your social bar
revive dead plants (this only works on neglected plants, barren plants are totally dead, except for the death bush)

Also you can choose “loves outdoors” but I wouldn’t call it a requirement.
gives a slight mood boost when outdoors

Lifetime Purchases:

The Collector 40,000: Really all you need is the Collector, which allows you to see seeds, rocks, insects and fish in the overhead map view. Whenever you zoom in on area the spots you have selected will glow, making it super easy to find what you are looking for!

Super Greenthumb 25,000: Again, this improves your plant quality so you should pick this up asap (probably after steel bladder though)

Getting Started

While you can read gardening books (Volumes 1, 2, and 3) to improve your gardening skills, I always prefer doing the “real thing”. I like the natural progression you get and you’ll know what plants have been growing instead of nothing happening and you reading. A healthy combination is probably best. HINT: when you first start out the game you have no seeds. Once you reach level 1 you automatically get some free seeds to plant but they are “normal”. If you buy the fruit/veg from the store they are already “Very Nice” quality πŸ™‚

Ali Asked: How do you take a gardening class? Hi Ali, You can take the gardening class at the Science Facility. Classes are like watching tv, they don’t give you the actual gardening experience, and they cost you money. They are good if need to improve your skills at the beginning, but I was able to get to level 3 in about 2 days without taking the class and just planting seeds.

Step one: Visit The Grocery Store

At first you will only be able to grow certain products because of your low skill level. As it raises visit the grocery often until you have planted all the Fruits and Veggies available from there. I suggest buying at least 5 of each item you plan to plant because sometimes they end up in meals you decide to cook. Don’t skip any fruits or veggies!, make sure you plant them all so that you can get rewards easier down the line.

Step Two: Planting

Plant your seeds by selecting them from the inventory and click “plant“. If you have more than one (if you paid attention you should :P) you can click “plant many” and it will allow you to plant multiple seeds one after another without having to re-select them. If you decide to stop planting I find it easiest to hit your “ESC” key when you are finished, otherwise you could try to do something else and your sim will still be holding onto a seed to plant.

Step Three: Tending

Tending involves watering, weeding, and harvesting your plants. You should first buy the sprinkler to water your garden, I leave mine on full time. Second choose a plant with a weed, and click “tend garden“. This is a lifesaver because your sim will automatically tend the entire garden! Also see the FERTILIZER section, because it deserves a section of its own.

Step Four: Get Special Seeds

Special seeds need be acquired as quickly as possible. These plants take much longer than common plants to grow, so I try to plant them early. The best way to find seeds is with the Collector, but because it costs 40,000 lifetime points I’ll assume you don’t have it. (*See my TIP at the bottom of the guide) The only way to find a seed without the collector is to search for them yourself. In Sunset Valley look around the graveyard and in the hills on the EAST side of the map (when ocean is South). In Riverview look by SimHenge and check along the path in the island surrounded by the river where the main part of town is. Oh you are looking for SPECIAL seeds only! Leave all the others.

Once your Trees are growing, watch for them to drop the occasional seed!

Step Five: Re-Planting

Once your garden is moving and producing a harvest, it’s time to upgrade your plants. Here is a little guide for you to use (also applies to fish)

QUALITY CHART (from lowest to best)

  • Normal
  • Nice
  • Very Nice (bought from store)
  • Great
  • Excellent
  • Outstanding
  • Perfect

Each time you replant a seed it will grow the next quality level. For example when you plant a Very Nice Tomato from the store, it will produce a Great Tomato plant when it grows, and It’s fruit will be Great. So you can see why it is important that you re-plant your harvested goods and not sell them. Eventually you will reach Perfect quality and from there it’s just a matter of re-planting them once they die – or if you are ahead of the game, re-planting them before they die. Sometimes when you take care of a plant well enough, it will grow even better quality than it already should!


Special plants come from the special seeds you find in the world. When they first start to grow, you will not know what they are until they harvest.

Life Plant: produces life fruit. These take a day from your sim (or add a day however you want to phrase it), and they are an ingredient in ambrosia.

Death Flower Bush: I just call it the death plant. It harvests death flower. If your sim has one of these when death comes along, you can give it to death instead of dying. This is the only use I’ve found. The death plant will die after harvest every time. The nice thing about being at a high level gardening is that you can occasionally revive the deathplant (click on dead plant, choose “revive“), getting a two for one deal. I have been unable to revive a death plant more than once as far as I can remember.

Money Tree: produces money bags that you can sell. Although you can’t replant money bags, the Money Tree occasionaly drops a seed you can plant. I haven’t had one of these die on me yet, they seem to perpetually harvest as long as you take care of them. For a high quality money tree harvest, you can get a lot of simoleans out of these money bags. Sell them in your inventory for a quick cash in.

You can find money tree and other special seeds occasionally while fishing!

Flame Fruit: An ingredient that can be used to make Angel Food Cake. Also it will give you a constant 5 point mood boost whenever you have one in your inventory.

Get some flame fruit growing for a glowing warm light in the dark

Get some flame fruit growing for a glowing warm light in the dark

Step Seven: Cash In

So for all your hard work you get these three major things.

Improved Happiness and Lifetime Points

Sell your extra perfect fruits and veggies for a House-Full of cash

Perfect quality food for your meals and no need to buy them from the store!


Fertilizers are probably one of the things I overlooked the most when I was growing my garden. Big mistake. They not only improve the quality of your plants, but they move the growing process along very quickly. Remember the faster you get to the next generation of plants, the better. All the plants in this screenshot were planted at the same time, can you tell which ones were fertilized?

You can begin fertilizing at Level 3. Here I will list the levels where you can obtain special gardening abilities, and a list of fertilizer quality.

Skill Level Gardening Abilities

Level 2 – Weed: pull up weeds before they harm the plant (gets faster with skill level)

Level 3 – Use Fertilizer: improves quality of plants (see Fertilizer Quality below this section)

Level 5 – Plant uncommon seeds: Lime, Watermelon, Onion, Potato (common: Apple, Grape, Lettuce, Tomato)

Level 6 – Revive plant: Save a dying plant

Level 7 – Plant Rare and Special Seeds: Garlic, Bell Pepper

Special: Life Fruit, Death Flower, Flame Fruit, Money Tree
only unlocked through challenge – Cheese and Egg, Burger and Steak, Omni Plant

Fertilizer Quality: (from lowest to highest )

Lower quality


kill plant – deathfish

1- Anchovy, Goldfish, Alley Catfish/Cheese, Hamburger Patty, Egg, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Potato, Apple, Lime, Grapes

2- Rainbow Trout/Watermelon

3- Minnow, Jellyfish, Tuna/ Steak, Bell Pepper, Garlic, Flame Fruit


Highest Quality

4- Salmon, Black Goldfish, Swordfish

5- Red Herring, Blowfish, Siamese Catfish, Piranha, Tragic Clownfish

6- Shark, Lobster

7- Vampire Fish, Angelfish

Achievements and Challenges


Botanical Boss:

harvest 75 Perfect fruits and veggies – effect: plants rarely die from neglecting them

Master Farmer:

harvest 650 fruits and veggies: effect: – plants stay watered and fertilized longer

Master Planter:

plant every type of plant: effect: – reduces weeds

Bonus Challenges:

SPOILERS!! and I am still testing these triggers!

1. Grow 20 (excellent or better) plants -> unlocks ability to plant cheese + eggs

2. Grow 10 Excellent cheese plants-> unlocks ability to plant steak + burger

3. Grow 10 (outstanding or better) steak plants -> Receive Omni Plant seeds and ability to purchase more.

4. Omni Plant: This is a special plant that will reproduce whatever you feed it within a few days, and I believe you can either mail order or buy more seeds once unlocked.

You can only feed it certain things. Because it’s special, I want you to experiment to find out what it can be fed, because that’s half the fun. But to appease the curious I will add some things that you can’t feed it.

Prepared Food
Money Bags
Seeds (no money tree/omni plant farming)

If you do want to see some omni-awesomeness check the screenshots page. Thanks to nina for adding that the omni plant looks the same as the other “bush” plants.

The first challenge is the hardest to get. It is totally random when you get it, so don’t expect it at a certain level (although you CAN get it as early as level 7-8). One of my sims lived nearly 158 days out of 190 and were elderly before they got the first challenge. Now I did notice that the sim that got it at level 8 had no job, they were a fisherman, while my level 10 sim who was a chef still hadn’t received the challenge. Frequent visits to the BISTRO and DINER may help trigger the event because that is where the challenges come from, but don’t count on it.



While it may be fun to have a ginormous garden, your sim will spend all day there if you have too many plants. I limit my sim to 5 of each and that seems to produce good harvest without spending too much time. One of sims spent 7-8 hours of their day gardening. What’s so wrong about that? Nothing really, but it was very inefficient use of time because there were tons of low quality plants in the garden. I could have been using that time to do other things with my sim. Once you reach perfect plants though, all bets are off because you should be at a high enough skill level where you can pull off a Huge garden.

from lowest to highest
Β§48_bell pepper
Β§64_hamburger patty
Β§72_flame fruit
Β§80_steak (most profitable!)
Β§100_life fruit (best fertilizer + great price)


to select all items at once in your inventory (for example ALL apples) click and hold the little arrow in the upper left hand corner. Drag your apples to the fridge, another persons inventory, or to sell them all at once! (this drove me crazy until i figured it out)


The best Job that coincides with gardening is the Culinary Arts. The benefits of being able to garden really help you out when you are given tasks at work, but most importantly when you cook with higher ingredients it improves your food quality when cooking. Your sim will also get “wants to cook with perfect ingredients” wishes, and you’ll be able to fulfill those quickly with high gardening skill.

My secondary Job choice would be fishing for a gardening oriented sim, although fishing is not an “official” job. I prefer to create another sim to do that because gardening and fishing are both so timestaking though, still it’s worth mentioning because in both jobs you choose your own hours. Fish are the best fertilizers, so it helps give your garden an extra boost.

My third Job choice would be the Science Career. Gardening alone can get you to a high level because it’s one of the performance requirements. The hours are good 9-2:30 at the beginning and they get lower as you are promoted, so more time to garden after work πŸ™‚ The only slight downfall is handiness and fishing are also included in your performance, and it’s hard to keep those two up with a good size garden. I advise just scraping by on those aspects and improving them only when needed. Gardening will compensate for them and you’ll be a level 10 scientist in no time.


Just because your sim doesn’t have 40,000 points yet, doens’t mean another sim doesn’t! Use another sim to buy the collector with their points. Set the collector to “seeds” and go seed hunting. Once you’ve collected all the special seeds you can find, or have time to find, use the item selection tip i wrote and drag them to your gardening sim. Now that is how you do it! If your gardening sim has a lot of time on their hands, you could just gift the entire Collector to them (it’s the butterfly icon in the inventory panel).

Also it’s important to note that once you have grown and harvested from a special seed, if you find it in the wild it will no longer be “special”, but will show what seed it actually is!


If you tinker with a sprinkler, or have someone handy you can upgrade the sprinkler to “auto-water“. While this is probably helpful, I just leave mine on 24-7, because apparently sims have no need for water preservation.


One trick I use is to go into buy mode when you see a plant is dead (totally black but not a death plant!). In buy mode you can select the plant and just hit delete, bam it’s gone and your sim didn’t have to deal with it. You can also move plants around and put them in a nice order, or even a crazy order if you like.

There is a very low chance your fishing sim will catch a box containing something inside. It can vary, but in relation to gardening you catch the Flame Fruit, Death Flower and Money Tree seed. You only have a 3% of the first two, and a 5% chance for a money tree, so good luck and happy fishing!


Sometimes your sim will get the urge to harvest a wild fruit. Basically for you that means scrolling around the town looking for plants. Apple trees are a good one to look for, but you can even harvest other sim’s gardens. In Riverview there is a garden you can visit on the island that has bell peppers and other various veggies growing. Jen commented that you can get a deathflower (once it reaches a harvest point) from the death plant in the cemetery and plant it in your own garden. Thanks Jen I totally forgot to add that trick, and basically this entire section πŸ˜›

The above is a rough draft, I’m still working on this guide because there is a lot to cover. I try to test as much as possible before posting. Let me know of any wrong info or additions and I will credit you with the changes. Please do not copy my guide, but feel free to post the link to it.

revisions/additions 6-25-09
omni plant info
answered gardening class question
plant classifications -common, rare, etc
science career
corrected bonus challenge
inventory screenshot
harvest wild fruit – thanks to Jen
revisions/additions 7-01-09
screens for challenges+money tree
greenthumb trait benefits
barren vs. dead info to level 7
perfect quality sell prices
gaining seeds through fishing


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  1. suzanne Says:

    I didn’t know anything about the death flower until “someone” asked for it.
    I found it in the cemetery and when I picked the flower, it died. I didn’t think to plant it and give one to the lady later. How do I get another one? The one in the cemetery is still there and dead.

    My sim only has about 90 days to live. I have the ambrosia recipe and a deathfish. I am looking for life plants. What does the ambrosia do?

    My sim has mastered cooking, gardening, and fishing (plus music and artβ€” that probably don’t relate).

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi Suzanne,
      The life fruit will extend your lifespan by one day. If you want to live “forever” use the life plant to create the ambrosia and you’ll be happy with results. Death plant seeds can be found throughout the world, they are “special” until planted. Basically that means just get ALL the special seeds in the world and plant them to find out what they are. If you do that you will have plenty of moneytrees, life, and death plants.

      • Kina Says:

        All you have to do for any plants is enter the cheat code “testingcheatsenabled true”. Go to buy mode and hit sort by function. Then do buydebug and click on the ? mark. Now you can have any plants, fish, or objects that you want.

      • Nadia Says:

        If you have a ghost and you leave Ambrosia out when the ghost is around the ghost might eat the Ambrosia and when It does it will come back to life

        • Rose Says:

          If you wait till the ghost comes out at night, and get up your relationship with it, there is an opportunity from the science lab to bring its ashes in to bring it back to life. By taking it in with that challenge, it will become a “playable” ghost, and you can just make it eat the ambrosia. I found that a bit less iffy.
          I’ve also read that if you talk to it enough when comes out at night, there will even be an option to invite into household.

      • Kelsey Says:

        Hello everyone!

        If you want to extend your lifespan you can go into the options menu and change the lifespan option from “normal” to “epic” or you can click an option to stop aging all together.

        Hope this helps.

    • Geo Says:

      Or if you can’t be bothered.
      Go to options and stop your sim getting older completely!
      Click on enable aging to make sure the tick isn’t there.
      If you don’t want to stop aging.
      Move the slider across to very long to ensure your sim lives to 960 days. :O

    • Jessica Says:

      I saw this post a little too late, but there is a challenge in the athletic skill that can extend lifespan: the marathon runners challenge. Basically you have your sim go jogging for a minimum of 500 km, and it extends their lifespan. I have a sim who is supposed to live roughly 180 days who is already at 210 days!

    • Lauren Says:

      I just wanted to let you know how helpful this information was for me! I thought I knew pretty much everything I needed to know about gardening, but you sure proved me wrong. Thank you so much for the helpful information. It is much appreciated. If by chance you make any other sites regarding the sims 3 i would love to know what they are! My private e-mail is . Please only use this e-mail for that information. Again THANK YOU!!!

      • wiremanart Says:

        Thank you so much for the kind words Lauren. By the way I blocked out your email so not everyone will see it. I appreciate your comment and if you have any ideas or thoughts feel free to stop by and share πŸ™‚

  2. Queen Amelia Says:

    WOW! Thanks for this guide, Ive been testing lots of things in sims 3 since it came out, and im totally up for the garden testing! I have a family of… er…. wait a minute theres jenna,tania,samantha,abagail,matthew,andrew,and jake okay so thats ( counts number of names counted) 7… and Samantha is currently growing a garden, she has 1 money tree, 1 death plant which is dead, and 1 life plant… and i dont know how to revive the death plant! because the death plant that is dead i gave the flower to tania because abagail already has one, i was also wondering if the life fruit worked like the death flower, if you died with it could you give it to death? because she is the only sister that doesnt have a death flower (jenna isnt a sister). PLUS- samantha is retired, and she doesnt even kinda know how to cook, so how is she going to make ambrosia? Once again PLUS- Where do i get all the fish? SHe isnt going to live long enough to learn how to fish, also, do you think that if you put the plants in your family inventory you could move with them? Ill test it and tell you about it

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi Queen Amelia
      Lots of things to address. Firstly give the deathflower to your oldest sims if you want them to live, and plant the other ones. You have to have a decent gardening level in order to revive, so once a sim reaches that level, use them to revive all your death flowers.

      You can feed ambrosia to ANY sim, not just the one who made it. So pick one to be fisherman, one to be cook, gardener, etc and combine forces, much like power rangers or captain planet.

      Never ever move! I still think the game is bugged unless there has been a patch that fixes it ?>.<? When moving you can lose lots of inventory, deeds, plants, produce, and even entire sims can go missing. Just keep the house in the family, or move sims out fully expecting them to lose everything in their inventory. Also they will no longer be under your control, and if you take them back, they will have done lots of random things.

    • Xenia Says:

      Wow, thanks! Now I’ve got a whole garden of SPECIAL seeds. Thank you so much!!!

  3. Queen Amelia Says:

    wow, where im at its 1:10 pm but here it says 9:09 am

  4. Queen Amelia Says:

    Wow, Thank you, because i was trying to move and ive been waiting for it to ‘process’ for 2 days! Once again… THANK YOU! I will turn off my computer so it will restart at my last save, thanks!

    • wiremanart Says:

      My pleasure, glad I could help.

      • Madelon :) Says:

        Actually, no offence…ofence? idk how to spell that but anyway, you CAN move….its just ther is…uhh….1 2 3 4 and i think 5 steps. Well actually, it depends if you want your old house (i did tho).

        1: first go to edit town (obviously) then copy your current home and click ‘move out with house’ botton. let it prosses to ‘move to clipbord’.

        2:Once its completed doing step one (the ‘let it prosses to move to clipbord’ thing) then click ‘buldozer’. buldoze the lot you want to move into. let it procces.

        3:click your family and homeand click ‘copy’.

        4:put on the lot you want hit the check mark.

        5: click return to game and remember to save. Change your sims hair color because wen you do the next step you’ll understand. be sure to save after you change all the sims hair. my computer shuts the game down if i do three sims hair all in a row without giving it a rest. so S-A-V-E

        6: Go back to edit town since you already saved b4 hitting the button just click ‘just continue’. then click your current household and select ‘merge with’ then click the lot you put the household with.(the one you edited in step 1-4) and then swich the new colored sims with the old colored sims and check make active household to the one you want. then you basicly moved!

        ps uhh im not sure with the rest of you, but, i only ‘moved’ because my house was so big that i diddnt have any yard left. (plus the house next to me was just an eighth of my house…it was HIGH-larious) the sims eont have regular wishes but they WILL have ther life time wish still there. im not sure about the lifetime happienes tho. i hope this will help readers who are like me…looking for question that other ppl asked and answered peace out!! lol

        im one other websites too…just look for LOVE4459 (lowercase tho) or if your on clubpenguin im Sunspots! or if you like to talk to me via-email…its please… {ment 4 u wiremanart…} dont earase/take out my email…i have no friends online, so i basicly made an email just for spam ppl who give me 177 spam/perverted emails a day.

        srry if i got off topic.. and for my misspelling… -_-

        • Madelon :) Says:

          i made a mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          redo of step 1:first go to edit town (obviously) then copy your current home and click the ‘copy’ botton. let it prosses to the sims’ invotory of familys.

          agian im sooooooo sorry im not good at literature(spelling part) as you can see but great vocabulary….so dont get me wrong as a stupid person…i kust been caught up with texting and all that. umm peace!! πŸ™‚

  5. Simsi Says:

    Great info wiremanart. You did an impressive job !

  6. Kaz Says:

    thank you SO much for this awesome guide!!!! So useful. I’ve been dragging my items one at a time from inventory to fridge so that tip alone is worth its weight in gold! Your gardening tips are really awesome. A couple of my Sims can plant omni plants now due to high gardening skill, but I don’t know how to get the seeds. do you have any tips for how to stop the weeds growing?? Mine spring up overnight so my Sims spend a lot of time tending and weeding 😦

    thanks again for providing this info :))

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi Kaz,
      I think getting one of the gardening challenges slows weed growth… ah yes, if you plant every type of plant it will reduce weed growth. This is hard to do if you have more than 1 gardener (i’ve had 4-5 simultaneous and it’s nearly impossible to keep track). For your omni plant seeds you have to order them at the mailbox, unfortunately there is a limit to how many you can get.

  7. Catt Says:

    thank you very much for the info ^^
    I just wanted to point out that you can harvest Flame Fruit when visiting the Wainwright’s house (I hope it’s not misspelled u_u)
    In the front part of the house there is an Onion plant and next to it the Flame Fruit plant.
    It’s fast way to get them, and even if the family dies you can still go and harvest whenever you want.
    Thanks again and sorry if my English is too bad ^^

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    How many harvests until the life fruit thing dies? Will they go bad in my inventory? Is there any other way to get the money tree? I dont really feel like fishing for hours… Thanx:)!

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi Elizabeth,
      I’m not sure how many harvests you get, I’ve never kept track. If I had to guess I’d say maybe 3-5? Another good question I don’t think fruit/vegs can go bad in your inventory, but prepared food can and will, quickly. To get the money tree it’s the same as the other special plants, get the collector and pickup every special seed you can possibly find in the world. It actually only takes a few sim hours and once you have them you won’t need to go looking for them again because you’ll have a renewable source of special plants in your garden. Good luck and let me know if my info is correct!

  9. Tia Says:

    Guys, why don’t you use cheats? You can get whatever plant you want.

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi Tia,
      The main reason is that cheating defeats the purpose of a game like this. The actions are what makes the game fun, the results are the icing on the cake.

      Or an analogy: Would you rather work hard for years to EARN a gold medal and feel rewarded for your efforts, or would you just want someone to hand it to you for doing absolutely nothing? I’m not against cheating, but simply put the game is more fun when you figure out how things work in order to earn them. After you’ve done that, then by all means cheat away.

      Lastly this is a strategy site. There is absolutely no strategy involved in cheating. You are mindlessly typing in backdoors that the programmers allowed and really nothing you did even made those “cheats” happen. This is why I do encourage modding here. At least then you have to be proactive to at least put some effort in figuring out how the game works to make the cheats happen on your own.

    • Madelon :) Says:

      Um…i know it isnt ‘fun and exploring’ to cheat, but MY SIM ONLY HAS 1 DAY LEFT TO LIVE AT ‘EPIC'(you know the how long they live thing), TIA WHAT IS THE CHEAT TO GROWING ANY FOOD/PLANT YOU WANT.???? or if you dont know, where else can i find the death plant other than at the cemetary?? ooh! another question, when you give the rim Reaper the death flower and he does the recerection, do you still have the same lifetime wishes? This last part is just a funny thing, i MADE someone die and the rim reaper stayed at my hous, so, somehow i became best friends with him….isnt that funny???

  10. Sims3girl Says:

    I still don’t know how to get the Flame Fruit. How do you find the seed or is there anywhere where you can just harvest one???

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi Sims3girl,
      check this comment

      If you can’t find that one, then you need to find the special seeds by searching around the world for them. If you have the collector it is much easier, just set it to seeds (you can also set it to bugs, rocks, etc) and go searching. Remember to find only special seeds and plant them all because they are “unknown” until they start to grow. Good luck

  11. ruta Says:

    hi,I need a rainbow butterfly,where can I find it?

  12. Samantha Says:

    AHHH I have had the gardening skill mastered for forever now, it feels like, still only have 84% of unique plants harvested! I just unlocked the egg and cheese, now on to the next! Thanks for the info πŸ™‚

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi Samantha, Yes it takes quite a while to get to 100%. I found that it wasn’t the special ones that I was missing, but just some rare and common plants I had planted with another sim. Your welcome and good luck with the challenge!

      • Kelsey Says:

        To get the opportunity, you just have to grow one perfect plant of each basic type that you can get without the opportunity. the egg and cheese will then show up pretty soon. then you can get the others that come via opportunity, and voila! your list will soon be complete

        • wiremanart Says:

          Sometimes even after you have done this you will not receive the challenge right away, and you will randomly receive them. This is very common without the patch that fixes this bug.

  13. debbiwebbie3 Says:

    This is an OUTSTANDING guide to gardening. I never thought sprinklers were useable in the game. They looked purely ornamental. This will be a huge time-saver for me. Thank you! Very useful tips and the screenshots illustrate the points well too.

    • wiremanart Says:

      hi debbie,
      thank you so much for the kind comment. I put a lot of effort into making my guide easily-readable and organized, so thank you for letting me know I accomplished that! Happy Simming πŸ™‚

  14. Anna Says:

    Hi, thank you so much for the info!

    My sim recently made ambrosia and his life went back to the beginnig of adult which was great because he was three days away from being and elder. Is the only way of getting omni plant seeds to complete the opportunities? Is it true that you can only feed omni plants living things or natural things like fish and fruit and vegetables?

    • wiremanart Says:

      Ambrosia is an amazing food! Yes you must complete all the opportunities to obtain the omni seeds. No you can feed the omni plant “inanimate” objects like certain books, but you generally can’t feed it customized items. The game simply doesn’t allow you to feed it certain things, so you can only tell if you try. I encourage you to test out those things and find out, just DON’T feed it a death flower. Have fun!

  15. Pops Says:

    Wow! Thanx sooo much! Idunno if you can awnswer any questions, but if you can plz awnwer this for me:
    I planted a deathflower, but accidently fertalized it with a deathfish.Whops…..Anyway, I couldnt bring it back to life.

    Now its dead. And my sim threw it away.

    If you know where I could get a second one that would make me sooooo happy-my sims grandma’s gettin’ a bit old. If anyone knows where a deathflower bush is (besides the on in the graveyard) could you leave a reply on this page?XXXXX

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hey Pops, get all the special seeds you can find in the world and plant them. There are four different kinds, but it’s likely a few of them will be deathflowers. Good luck, and remember to use the collector if you have it.

    • Madelon :) Says:

      hey i have a suggestion…for all you gardeners….you CAN revive the death plant!!!!!!!!! required things: green thumb trait, supergreen thumb (lifetimehappienes reward.), and a level 10 gardening. once you gardened MOST of the plants, sooner or later, when you click a dead plant,a botton should appear saying REVIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! if your really good the plant goes to ‘matuer’ stage. sometimes it dosent work and still dies. when your sim isin a bad mood, he/she might revive it…but its stage will be at ‘barren’ so be careful…okay? Alrite! Agian sorru for bad spellin 😦

      peace out!! πŸ˜› =D πŸ™‚ XD ^-^

  16. Luce Says:

    What if I passed up the first opportunity? Do you think I might get the chance again?

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi Luce. If you have the patches applied, yes.

      Without the patch it is random, so you never really know when it will show up, even after you have grown perfect plants of each type. I think they either lowered the days for the challenge to pop up again, or fixed it so that when you have completed the grow perfect plants it will actually give you the bonus challenges.

  17. Rachel Says:

    Hey. This is a great site and its helped me a lot. Thanks!

    Also I am creating LOADS of death flowers by using my green thumb trait to revive the plant after i’ve harvested it. Its great! xxx

  18. lollybolly Says:

    Thank you sooo much for the tip about how to drag all of one object e.g. all my apples from my inventory at once. I had no idea and had been doing them all one by one which took a really long time! You’re a star πŸ™‚

  19. aurilia Says:

    Hey, thanks for all the great info! I’ve only had the Sims 3 for about a week, but I’m loving the new version of gardening – I live in an apartment complex where the lease won’t even allow a windowsill flower-box and miss the gardens I used to have, so, yes, I live vicariously thorough my sims.

    I got the ‘bundled’ version of the game that also included the stuff-pack and World Adventures…have you had the time to go through to see what new fish/plants were added? I know I stumbled across a cherry tree in China and you can buy two new varieties of grapes in France, but I’ve not really had the time to play around too much with it just yet.

    Oh, and before I sign off for the night, I thought I’d mention that cheats have a time and place – I tend to turn the motive decay and aging off while I ‘skill build’. Once the skills are at a level I can deal with, I turn it back on and actually play, though. And the money-cheats can be a big help if you start off with a large family (it’s a little difficult to keep everyone happy if there aren’t enough funds to buy everyone a bed or to ensure that there’s enough bathrooms available!)…just, ya know, wanted to point that out.

    Anyway, thanks again, and happy simming!

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi aurilia,

      Well first let me address cheats. I can honestly say I’ve never used any of the cheats, and never will. It’s just a matter of knowing how to raise money and in the sims it’s not hard at all, even as a bum digging through trash I can raise enough money to do what I please, albeit a bit slower. A game should be playable without them. It’s your game however, so play it how you like. Also the main reason I denounce it here is because this is a strategy site, and cheating is not a strategy. If you want to mod the game however, that is fine because you took the time to create the cheat yourself and figuring out the game structure, thus you earned it.

      I do not have the bundled version unfortunately. I really haven’t had time to play, but I try to answer all the questions that come in. I may at some point in time finish some of my guides and add all the extra details from the expansion. The same basic strategies apply so I’m pretty happy to just answer questions and try to be helpful until that time. Thanks for your response, have fun with the expansion it sounds pretty fun!

      • Whitewings Says:

        Some cheats are sometimes genuinely necessary, though. Specifically, I had to use the cheat “resetSim” to get one of my Sims out of a loop.

  20. Gemmaina Says:

    I made my sim cook + eat Ambrosia, but I don’t know what it does. Any help? πŸ™‚

  21. ReGina Says:

    I love this page. I was so confused when I saw a flame fruit. I was like ????? Thanks so much. Keep up the good work!

  22. Ross Says:

    Wow! This is so helpful! I was just going to say, I love structuring houses, but i have a tiny space for gardening! Where is the best position to place a garden? I’ve put light dirt (a terrain plant thing) at my front garden and i’ve planted the things i got for free when i reached level 1 in gardening. The apple tree i’m growing is quite special and exciting to me, because i put an outstanding minow fertalizer in it πŸ™‚ Also, could you tell me good promised wishes to complete to get lots of rewards to get the collector reward?

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi Ross,
      I just complete as many lifetime wishes as possible when my sim has them. I try to do the easy ones first while working one “big” wish at a time. With a little persistence you’ll have the collector in no time.
      I plant my garden right outside the house so my sim can walk out the door and start gardening right away. You can also create paths to split the garden into different sections, and gives a little organization to the garden and helps you know where things are planted. I normally keep a section for special plants, and separate it with a tile path, but you could even do veggies/fruits/trees or whatever you think works easiest. I also like to create pools and ponds to fish in nearby as well. This takes a big lot to create it all in, but there are a few if you look for them. Thanks for your addition!

  23. Kenny Says:

    Hi I don’t know why but I got the first challenge when my gardening lvl10 and I got a job a few days before they asked me to do the challenge oh and my job is a kitchin skalloin or somthing and I never even went to work I’m just telling you.

    • wiremanart Says:

      Kenny, The gardening challenges will come along when you have planted all the plants (at least they should come along). As for your job if you don’t go you will be fired from it after a few days. If you need more help you can read the culinary section of my career guides.

      • Kenny Says:

        When you said the gardening challenges will come along when will I get the omni plant because I didn’t find everyplant yet? well I mean I didn’t get all plants and I got 2 challenges already.

  24. kenny Says:

    K Thanks but i still have one more question i made ambroisa and ate it , the bar went down but the numbers go down like to 71 to 70 so i was just wondering what will happen if it reaches 0 sorry for asking so many questions.

    • wiremanart Says:

      No problem Kenny, I enjoy answering any questions you have. The numbers can only go down to zero but it can’t go any further than that. Congrats on learning the ambrosia recipe now you can have your sims live forever!

  25. kenny Says:

    Thanks for all your help

  26. John Says:

    Hello my name is John and I happen to stumble here to this place about cooking guides and I got here well I got a question how do you drag all of one item and this page was lots of help I didn’t know you could make sprinklers water your plants I think I got the first challenge before but I didn’t do it do you think it will be back again?

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hey John. The tip for dragging items is to click the little arrow in the corner of the item’s box πŸ™‚ The gardening challenge will come back eventually. If you have updated your game it will probably come back sooner, unpatched versions have a bug that prevents the challenges from happening as often as they should. Thanks for your questions.

  27. Jessica Says:

    Where can I find the death plant? I know it’s in the graveyard but where? Thanx! πŸ™‚

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi Jessica. The deathplant can be found on the right side of the cemetery (it’s in the lower corner), but only in Riverview. I dont know of a freebie in Sunset Valley. Remember it may not be ready to harvest, so go ahead and find special seeds when you have the time.

      • Kenny Says:

        I thoght it was in the right side of the graveyard in sunset valley.

        • wiremanart Says:

          Sunset valley graveyard has the deathfish at midnight. The deathplant is in the Riverview graveyard only. I only use the Riverview map and I’m 100% on that.

          • Adira Says:

            the death plant on the sunset valley is ready to harvest only at midnight,just like the death.
            i went to the graveyard on midnight for fishing,and i saw the death plant is ready to harvest

            sorry if my english is bad

          • Sims 3 Geek Says:

            thats πŸ™‚ because i live i sunset valley ad i go to the graveyard 2 explore the catacombs and it’s always in the righthand corner

  28. Wendy Says:

    Wooooow… This guide is AWESOME and incredibly helpful! I’m a bit of a procrastinator so whenever I found seeds and ingredients in my inventory, I simply left it there (because I was too lazy to put the many ingredients in the fridge one by one) but the tip changed everything! And I wonder… what’s a collector? Is it one of those aspirations that you buy? Or is it something that costs 40000 simoleans? Huh, I must sound stupid for asking this… =.=

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi Wendy. First of all the only stupid question is one you never ask. Secondly you are totally right, the collector is a lifetime purchase you buy with the points you’ve accumulated by satisfying your sims wishes. It has settings like rocks, insects, etc. that allow you to see where the items are located on the map! It’s extremely useful if you want your sims to collect anything πŸ™‚ Good luck and thanks for the question!

  29. Adira Says:

    and,thanks for the tips,it was really helpful

    seriously,you never used cheats??
    even the debugging cheats???
    it was really helpful though using that cheat

  30. Adira Says:

    and one more,where can find life fruit?????

    • wiremanart Says:

      Life fruits come from special seeds that you find throughout the world. They can be pretty much anywhere so it takes a lot of exploring and they are quite small so it’s easy to miss them. If you use a lifetime purchase you can buy the collector and it will show you where they are on the map. You might also catch one while fishing or possibly in the masoleum, but those are very very rare so you are better off finding all the special seeds and planting them. Special seeds produce other plants as well, so it’s definitely worth the trouble to search for them. Good luck!

      • Adira Says:

        sorry wire,i got a lot of question to ask you…..

        what does life fruit do if my sim eat it????
        oh yeah,i got the collector and i search it everywhere,why did i always keep finding the death plant seed???
        is that a bug or something???
        it bugs me….

        • wiremanart Says:

          Hi again Adira. The life fruit will lower your sims age by one day when they eat it. The special seeds are random, but you should definitely have more than just death plants growing from them. There should also be life plants, money trees, and flame fruits coming from them. If it continues it’s definitely a bug.

  31. Kaitlyn Says:

    I was fishing in Sims 3, and one of my sims found a death seed? What is this, and what does it become/do?

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi Kaitlyn, The death seed makes a death plant which creates a death flower. If an old sim dies and has a death flower, they can give it to Death and he won’t kill them. It’s a good way to keep your sim alive longer, but your sim can still die after that at any point in time so it’s best to find another method if you can.

  32. Sim_girl Says:

    Hey! I was reading the tip thing up there and I saw that you mentioned that one can delete plants in buy mode. I discovered that you can also delete dirty dishes so no more cleaning! Which means no need of a dish washer!
    Kind of random, I know, but useful anyway.

  33. Agata Says:

    a great blog here is all I needed. Agata

  34. westswife Says:

    Hi Wiremanart, I just wanted to tell you how helpful this guide has been. I have had the game for a good while but just started gardening a short while ago, I LOVE IT, my favorite part of the game besides cooking. I have a couple of questions? I only have Sunset Valley, how do I get Riverview? Where is the sprinkler at? I looked but I must not have looked in the right place. I used lifetime award points to get the “Super Green Thumb” skill, will I acquire enough points to get “The Collector” before I die? Of course if I get that cooking skill high enough I can make the Ambrosia, I lucked up on a Flame Fruit seed so it is slowly growing in my garden. I use garlic and peppers for fertilizers, what would be the best fish to use? I am not a fisherman but my husband is. Thanks again for the great guide!!!

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi westwife!
      The sprinkler is easiest found in buy mode by sorting by function:outdoors: and click the football – I meant to add a pic but never got around to it, thanks for the reminder!

      You should be able to get the collector rather quickly, just keep accomplishing your sims wishes, although the “easiest” way to get points is to achieve their lifetime goal. Check out my fertilizer section on this page for the best kinds of plants and fish to use.

      For ambrosia also check my guide on that, I have a whole section under cooking dedicated to making the best food ever πŸ™‚

  35. westswife Says:

    Thnaks for the help and thanks again for the great guide! What about Riverview? Is it part of the expansion?

  36. westswife Says:

    Never mind, I found Riverview on the Sim 3 site, thanks though.

  37. Adira Says:

    hi again wiremanart,i want to ask you about Riverview.
    where can i find special seeds in riverview???
    and where can i find death fish??????

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hey Adira. There are a few special seeds by the graveyard and there is a path on the outside of the river near the graveyard that has some as well. There are a number more places, but those are the ones I grab a lot. The deathfish is at the far end of where the graveyard meets the river, but you can only catch them after midnight and before sunrise, happy fishing.

    • Zefa Says:

      Hello! I find your tutorial really helps me in making Ambrosia. For life fruit, I once got the opportunity of “Uncommonly Good”, but I rejected it. Is it possible for me to get the same opportunity? Because then, I won’t be able to get an omni fruit. Thank you.

  38. darkAngel Says:

    hi ya…thanks for this awesome guide.
    I have a bunch of questions.
    First,how long the life and flame fruit grow till it bear fruit?
    I planted an outstanding apple fruit, but it becomes a great quality apple tree.Why?
    Can we stock the deathfish in the pond?
    How many times we can revive the death plant?
    How to get the omni plant seeds?

    I already planted 14 special seeds. 1 death plant,1 life fruit,2 money trees,and the rest are still unknown seeds ( i wish one of ’em is a flame fruit plant).
    Thanks in advance and sorry for the bad english πŸ˜€

    • wiremanart Says:

      hi darkAngel.

      First I’m not sure how long it takes because I always forget to track that. I do know that with fertilizer your plants grow and bear fruit much faster! The outstanding tree should be having perfect fruit, I’m not sure why yours is doing that but it shouldn’t be.

      Yes you can stock the deathfish, you need 10 of them first, then just go to “stock pond” and select it. A little warning though, ponds will only ever be “DECENT” fishing sties, never “ACTIVE”, but still you can deathfish all day long!

      To get the omni plant you must do the gardening challenges, check my gardening guide for more info on that.

      I planted 15 special seeds and got 2 money tree, 4 death plant, 2 life fruit, and the rest were flame fruit. You can tell what they are going to be when they sprout even though they are “unknown”. If it is a bush it’s a flame fruit, a tree is money tree, then you have a 50% chance of the others being a life or death plant.

      I put a lot of this in the guide, but some of it isn’t so I need to update, hope I covered everything for you. Have fun!

      • darkAngel Says:


        I already have the deathfish,angel fish,and the shark at my pond and i have 4 money tree, 5 flame fruit, 2 life fruit, 2 deathplant. The rest…still waiting!

        Do we have to harvest the flame fruit at night?
        And when my sims eat the ambrosia…will they live forever?
        I mean they’ll live as an adult forever?
        And how if my teen sims eat ambrosia?

        • wiremanart Says:

          Hey again. You can harvest the flame fruit anytime of day, but it only glows at night.

          Ambrosia “resets” your sims days alive bar back down to zero, just like that zip your sim is young again. I don’t think you can reverse your sims age though. And yes you can live forever at the age your sim is, but you have to eat another ambrosia to reset the bar before you grow older, I normally do this around birthdays. You can also take add one day to your life by eating a life fruit too!

  39. PurpleGummyBear Says:

    Heeyyy, this is an amazing guide, im glad i found this.
    I have a sim with a level 10 gardening and cooking, i fufilled her goal to learn every recipe so i could get collecter, after that i found it very easy to find special and rare seeds. Ive planted a lot, and so far ive got lots of flame fruit plants and money trees, and a few life fruit. I have noticed it takes FOREVER for them to grow, it took at least a full sim week. If i fertilise the plants will it definetly grow much faster?
    thanks ;D

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi PurpleGummyBear! Yes definitely it helps, your plant will grow faster and I think it even harvests more. The first few special items you grow will take a while though because you don’t have good fertilizers just yet. Angel fish and life fruit are probably your best options, but any plant or fish of “perfect” quality is better than nothing. I’ve been fertilizing omni plants and if I forget they take 2 days to harvest instead of just one. After a while I did get a bit bored of it, because I manually click fertilize then select the item for each plant. I haven’t yet tried “fertilize with best” because I’m afraid it will use items I don’t want used as fertilizer, but that would probably be a lot easier so I will have to take the risk and test it out.. Thanks for the question, I’m glad my guide helped you!

  40. leesha Says:

    Hi, i have been to the wainwrights house and along the beach and i found the two flame fruits but they im unable to harvest them!

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi leesha, I normally don’t bother with harvesting wild plants, but the only time I’ve tried it’s worked as long as the plant is ready to harvest. If it isn’t in harvest mode you wont’ be able to until it’s ready. Unless it’s your sims wish I would just focus on growing them yourself, it’s a lot easier and you can get perfect quality pretty fast, especially for flame fruit because they grow like crazy! Anyway I hope that works, just try and check on it now and then and if you still can’t harvest when it’s ready then it could just be a bug. Happy simming!

  41. Manda Says:

    Hey wow this is a great guide thanks so much for this! I wanted to ask when you fertilize a plant do you only fertilize it one time before you plant it? or do you have to keep on fertilizing it. And do you have to refrigerate the fish you catch and the plants you harvest will they spoil in your inventory? I’m kind of worried about this because my fridge is buggy where my food spoils like really fast sometimes no matter what but I guess its only the cooked food so I hope they don’t spoil. And for the rare seeds can you lose them and never be able to get them back again I’m new at gardening so I’m scared I’m gonna mess up my game and not get a plant ever.

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi Manda! When you fertilize plant there are certain values attached that affect both the strength and the duration of the effect. So yes you will have to refertilize, and sometimes often if you want plants to grow as quickly as possible. The upside is it’s not necessary to fertilize, but it just speeds the process.

      For items like fish and fruits you don’t have to worry about putting them in the fridge, they won’t spoil in your inventory. Cooked food and birthday cakes however, will spoil very quickly in the inventory. I’ve heard of the food spoiling in the refrigerator, and depending on how long it takes that is normal, but if it’s happening faster than 2-3 days then you need to try to patch your game to the latest update to fix it. Food only lasts forever in there if you get a special refrigerator from reaching Level10 as a chef.

      As for seeds you can’t lose them. Look for the special ones and plant as many as you can, at least 20 and you should get each special plant (you won’t be able to plant them until you reach a certain gardening level though).

      Last be sure to save often, and use “save-as” option. I’ve recently had trouble with a save and lost a few sim-weeks worth of progress, the backup was corrupt too, so the only option is to have multiple saves. I save about once a sim-day, I suggest you do the same. Then if anything happens or you make a mistake you can reload without losing much progress πŸ™‚

      • Manda Says:

        Alright thanks so much for the help! I have the 10 cooking skill and the best refrigerator but my food still spoils that I make guess I need a patch then thanks.

        I was reading about some fishing and I seen Angelfish is the best fertilizer is that right? Is that universal like for all plants so I could just use those on my rare plants right? Sorry for all the questions just don’t want to mess em up.

        Since I wrote that first message I got some death fish the death flower I tried to get 2 from the plant in the graveyard but it wouldn’t let me revive it darn I have the greenthumb thing too. With that death flower do I plant the actual flower to get another plant? And I also got some flame fruit from the one yard it was harvestable oh and I fished out 2 money tree seeds :O so I’m gonna get planting them let me know if angelfish are ok for the fertilizer k! Thanks again this rocks!

        • Manda Says:

          oh and yeah i save alot too that really sucks when that happens sorry it happened to ya 😦

          • Manda Says:

            its me again rofl you can scratch what i said about the fertilizers im reading more on it and i see its wrong now guess its more complicated then i thought :O

            do the rare seeds ever respawn on the map or is it just a one time deal?

            • wiremanart Says:

              Hey again Manda. It’s not all that complicated really, angelfish is the β€˜strongest’ fertilizer, but lasts a little less longer than life fruit, so I normally use lifefruit because it’s strong and last a long time. Those are the only fertilizers I use, but it takes a ton of life plants to produce enough. I normally have 12-20 life plants growing just for fertilizer because I have a lot of plants I fertilize, but they can also be used for various other things in World Adventures addon.

              The rare seeds always respawn in the same place! woohoo. If you find a group of special ones, go back there in 3 or 4 days and you’ll find them again! You only need to do this at first, once you have the plants (flame, life, death) then it’s easiest to use their offspring to plant more. Money trees also produce seeds, but not often, so that’s really the only reason I’d go looking for special seeds after I had the first three plants.

              Hope that’s not confusing, but you are on your way! Feel free to ask any questions, I normally have some kind of answer πŸ˜‰

            • Manda Says:

              Hey this is so fun now :O I have all the rare plants now and I’m so good at fishing now I never thought I would learn all this stuff lol or ever get to make that angel food cake but yay now I can. Thanks so much again! I wanted to ask when you have a perfect plant do you have to fertilize it anymore or can you stop doing that? I even got one of those death flower seeds from fishing :O oh also before I didnt even know that sprinkler could be used on gardens I was watering it all by hand so I never really liked having a garden it was too much work its so easy now though and fun! Thank youuuuuu πŸ˜€

            • wiremanart Says:

              Awesome Manda! That’s why I created this little guide in the first place, because I had so much fun with the game and wanted to share, plus I just enjoy writing guides anyways.

              Once you get perfect plants all the offspring will be perfect and there’s really no need to fertilize unless you want the harvest a day or two faster. The omni plant is awesome, but if you really want to profit from them you have to fertilize each time you plant, and because you have to order the seeds through the mail, it’s an everyday thing. Actually that would be a great mod for the game, an omni plant that lasts a few more days so you aren’t always having to re-order and re-plant them. Sorry I got off track, you just gave me a good idea. I’m glad you’re having fun, I love the gardening aspect, but don’t stop there because there so many other fun things to dive into as well!

            • Manda Says:

              Oh I forgot about the omniplant I don’t have that yet :O I have to go get some plants from france and egypt and china too still so I guess I don’t have them all. That is a good idea! πŸ˜€ Thanks again!

            • Manda Says:

              I have a question its kind of off subject I have like reddish sparkles on my body on sims do you know why those are there? Is it because of some food in my inventory or is my game just messing up?

            • wiremanart Says:

              Never heard of that, take an ingame screenshot by clicking the camera in the lower left corner of the panel, it gets saved in the documents/EA/sims3/screenshots folder, then you can upload it to an image site so I can see what’s happening.

            • Nigel Says:

              That sounds like the Eye Candy Lifetime reward; does it give other nearby sims a positive moodlet? If so then it is, if not then you got problems.

          • wiremanart Says:

            Actually I saved often when it happened, it’s just I saved over the same file everytime. So when that save file went corrupt, my last actual backup was waaaaay back before that. So that’s what I mean by multiple saves, is having lots of different files. I’m going to make a post about it and add it to the guide soon, but I’ve been having to much fun playing to write it up, haha.

  42. Manda Says:

    Hey here it is…

    I think I might know what it’s from but I’m not sure I had a repo man come to my house and I think she sparkled and it hasn’t stopped since I’m wondering if thats a mess up or maybe its supposed to happen? I doubt it.

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hey Manda, actually I figured out that is is from the “eye candy” lifetime reward, did you purchase that? On a side note I really like your sim!

      • Manda Says:

        ooooooooh yeah I did get that ok thanks glad its not messed up then that does get kinda annoying though sparkling all the time rofl. Aaw thanks about the sim too πŸ˜€

  43. Manda Says:

    Hey again wiremanart I was wondering how do I get the quality of a plant to go down? I have perfect gardening and the green thumb and I just got a job in the culinary track and they want the bad apples I planted the bad apple seed but now its nice quality how can I get the quality to go down without killing it. I’m not fertilizing it or anything I am watering it but I wasn’t going to tend it or anything will this work?

    • wiremanart Says:

      Ah yes the infamous bad apple challenge. I’ll tell you straight off to just right click and cancel this challenge, it is impossible. The only way you might be able to pull it off is with a sim who has 0 gardening skill or feeding your bad apples (after harvesting) to the omni plant, and even then it’s highly unlikely. Actually I’m going to make a post under the gardening section just for this question because this is a “bugged” challenge which is basically sets up so your sim has no chance of ever completing it. Thanks for the reminder, I have so much to update!

      • Manda Says:

        oh ok lol thanks for the info the thing just timed out neways and I failed it my tree wasn’t getting any worse lol.

  44. Rilee Says:

    Hi, i love ur site its very helpful. But were do i buy sprinklers?

    • wiremanart Says:

      Welcome to the site Rilee. Sprinklers can be found under sort by function:appliances:miscellaneous or you can sort by room:outdoors:and click the football. Kind of a weird place, but it’s well worth the effort. Also you can upgrade them to “auto-water” which will save on bills and just looks nicer not to have them running during the day.

  45. Nalah Says:

    hey wiremanart do u kno how i can get ashes so that i can hav a ghost baby. When i click on the tomb stone it doesnt give me the option 2 take the ashes?

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hello Nalah, I’m not sure as my sims never die so I haven’t played with death and the afterlife stuff much. Could the urn be in your inventory or in the house somewhere? That’s the only thing I can think of. If you figure it out let me know, thanks for your question and good luck!

  46. Jeff Says:

    why my plant grow so slow

    • wiremanart Says:

      Continue leveling up until you master gardening and complete all the gardening skill challenges, then fertilize your plants and they will grow much faster!

      • Jeff Says:

        but i already level 10 and i have the money tree but the thief steal my plant now how :L

        • wiremanart Says:

          plants just grow slow, even in simulated worlds it appears there are limits (*looks around for morpheus).

          Tet the alarm system or teach your sims martial arts to beat up the intruder πŸ™‚

  47. dani Says:

    umm i need help like alot
    ok so my person masterd the gardening and fishing thing
    and i wanna grow the money tree but idk how to find it like its no where and ppl dont ask me to give them homegrown stake or somethin like tht when do they ask u that

  48. Svea Says:

    I do not really know what to do, because I have to get 10 life fruit but I do not know how, because I do not know what those are for my sim does not live in Sunset Valley, but the new town of Twin Brook and I have been looking all over Town knows what any one can find life in Twin Brook fruit???

  49. melisamaya Says:

    Whoa!! Thank you so much!!
    I didn’t know that there’s a thing called sprinkler back then.
    I even wouldn’t have known how to drag the harvested items all at once if I hadn’t read this guide!
    I used to drag them one by one, and I feel such an idiot because there were about about 200 apples in my inventory (not to mention the others)!
    Oh, by the way, is it possible to increase the quality of roast?
    I feed my perfect omni plant a normal roast, but it produced normal roast instead of perfect.

    • wiremanart Says:

      Melisa, the omni plant only copies items not improves. You can “perfect” any dish, it’s just a matter of time. I spent forever cooking perfect hotdogs, and it took forever! There were moldy hot dog dishes everywhere.

  50. teikko Says:

    To Nalah, I’ve played my Sims family for a few generations already, so I see a lot of deaths. The way to get a Ghost baby (I nearly had one), is to take the urn of the dead and bring it to the Science Facility to revive the ghost. Then make the ghost have a relationship and try for a baby… The ability to revive a ghost from nirvana only comes from Opportunities, where the Science Facility itself offers you a chance to “revive your loved ones”.
    For example, my first female Sim moved into the Goth’s Mansion. It has a graveyard within its compound. Apparently, there is a young adult ghost named Lolita Goth, later I happened to have a chance to revive her to see what she does. She was able to age and have romantic relationships with a living Sim. I was so close to hook onto a man and try for a baby until the game notified me that my current household members have reached its limit (8 person). Duhh…

  51. dani Says:

    Whoa! this was the most helpful info ive ever read for the sims! thanks a bunch! i think u should keep posting!

  52. Madelon :) Says:

    me agian, just saying, i took another look at the pics,and the one with the invotory….OOOOMMMGGGG how in the WORLD did you get 886 APPLES?????????? thats a LOT!!!!!!!!!! you could have a MILLION boys with that!!!!!!1million……geeez!

  53. Janay Says:

    Thank you for all the advice! I didn’t have any idea about most of that until I found this. But I do have a question: What exactly does the ambrosia do, and how do you make it?
    I’d also just like to mention to you and the other readers that if you are a scientist, you might get a life fruit by chance. One day my sim just came home with one from work, I planted it, and not knowing what it did looked it up and found this πŸ™‚ Just another perk of being a scientist.

  54. Emily S. Says:

    i just love this website it tells me all i need to know about sims 3 gardning πŸ™‚ i even made a whole new account just for using the info on this blog. i wanted to comment for people that have world adventures. in al simhara in the fire pyrimid ( or somthing like that) there is like 4 or 5 ready-to-harvest flame fruit bushes. there is also an adventure to get them. can u find seeds in places like al simhara, champs les sims, and that chinese place ? thanks

  55. Avilahhh Says:

    I have a random tip!:D If one of your sims has enough points for the collection thingamajig, but the sim that you want to have the collection doesnt have enough points,, do this:: The sim that has enough points can buy the collecting thing. When bought/redeemed, pull it out of that sims inventory by clicking and dragging it over to a piece of land. next the sim that you want to have the collecting thing simply picks it up;. actually,, you can do that with any item one sim has that another sim of yours wants(rather, you want them to have it). Sorry if the grammer/punctuation is bad.. I’m currently home sick and am having trouble seeing the keyboard… hha.. OH! P.S. Your information was beautifully set up and very helpful:) thanks a bunch!

  56. Megan Says:

    Thank you so much! This guide has helped me beyond belief!! I always really get into the gardening skill, but some how get confused or loose track on what I could do next until now. Major props to you for taking the time to put all this together for us! ❀

  57. Octapi Says:

    i’ve never once been able to revive a plant. i also wished i knew about this guide earlier. my friend and i have been spinning ideas off each other for months and we just reached the omni plant when we saw this. gardening actually isn’t too hard to figure out on your own. just mainly keeping an eye on your opportunities to pop up to gain more out of gardening. also wondered why my plants are dying so much? i’ll plant them, harvest a few days later, then right after my 1st harvest they’re barren and i can’t do anything about it. anything to prevent this? i’ve fertilized some but even then they die after the 1st harvest. getting pretty tired of replanting. 😦

    • Madelon :) Says:

      Well, to be sure, Make sure you do almost this: Make sure theres one fisher (its the fishing trait) and one person who has the green thumb. Make sur GT (greenthumb) also has enough ‘life time happienes’ to get the ‘supergeen thumb’…that helps too. The fisherman is for fertilizer. If you can fish for the ‘pufferfish’ then you have ‘execellent quality fertilizer’. Thats your fertilizer help. then to water them, buy sprinkerlers and make sure the grid covers the plant. Thats watering done without your sim! For weeding them and ‘tending/harvesting’, you just make GT water weed and tend once in the morning and once at night. so when you harvest them they should be at either ‘very good quality’, or ‘execellent quality’. I hoped i helped, please tell me if i did! Email in earlier message or ill just put it in THIS message. MY EMAIL =

    • MissKitty Says:

      I don’t know why that is, i can get loads of harvests out of my plants before they become barren, maybe you need to water them a bit more or basically keep an eye on them… Sorry I couldn’t be much help

      P.S great site, helped me LOADS πŸ™‚

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi Octapi,

      I have heard of a bug that shortens plant life, but as the others suggested using the sprinklers will help keep your plants from wilting. Fertilizing will not prolong a plants life, it actually shortens it because it will come to harvest earlier. Each plant has a set amount of harvests and when they run out the plant is barren.

      It’s a pain replanting, which is why i focus on only the plants I use, mostly life fruits and omni plants. If you have the expansion, then you’ll get additional plants which are quite useful. Hope I helped u.

  58. Ed Says:

    I was so confused when my Sim wanted to start growing “money trees” and stuff, so I finally decided to look it up (because the internet has everything) and WOW, this is a huge site! REALLY impressive (and I thought I was addicted to Sims) :). Anywho, Ive looked EVERYWHERE for these “specail seeds” I can’t find a single one! And I’m way off from getting the collecter thing 😦 any help? AND, my Sim’s life wish is to learn all the recipes, well Ive learnt every one that the bookstore provide and… well I still havn’t completed the wish, I know you’ve kind of been researching gardening but do you think you can help?

    • wiremanart Says:

      Hi Ed,

      Special seeds are found at various points throughout the world, finding them is quite difficult, but I assure you they are there. The reason your sim hasn’t learned all the recipes is that they also have to be a 5-star chef, so you will have to go down the culinary career path to learn the rest of the recipes. Once you do finish that path you’ll certainly have enough life wish points to purchase the collector and make finding those seeds a whole lot easier. Thx for stopping by.

      • Secretnessy Says:

        I didn’t have to join the culinary career to learn all the recipes. What I did was study away until I was at Level 10 (Cooking of course:P) and then just read all the recipe books… You earn one or 2 recipes as your Sim gains Cooking skill so if they are at Level 9 they want have the Level 10 recipe;)


  59. Whitewings Says:

    Is there anywhere in Sunset Valley to harvest Flame Fruit?

    • Ayesha Mahmood Says:

      Yes. You can harvest the flame fruit from a house hold named Wanwright. I think I’ve written the correct spellings but if not then it is something like this. You can find the flame fruit bush just outside the house.

    • morgan Says:

      no but if you have world Adventures just inside the pyramid of the burning sands there are a bunch

    • ms helmy Says:

      yes…in the garden of the Langerak household

  60. Lex Says:

    There is a house near the beach that has the flame fruit bush, you can go to that house and just harvest the plant.
    Its that simple!

  61. rekho Says:

    in oder to get the death plant you need to be on level 8 of gardening i got a death flower in sims 3 and used it for my man and then they had ghost babies and i kept planting and planting them but i’am on level 50 gardening i thought it went up to 10 but all well but i can build my own seed and sell it or grow it and i can depend on how long it take’s for it to grow there thanks for reading hope it help’s!!

  62. Citrus Says:

    i live on sunset valley city but at my home i cant harvest flame fruit. they always dying. but when i leave my home n have a new house. the flame fruit on my old house are alive…
    what can i do?
    or is there anyplace spesial for planting that fruit?

  63. gracula Says:

    Great guide. Just thought to mention that if you master the Inventing skill, you can make a Harvester that can vacuum up several plants at once. Great if you’re a Level 10 gardener and don’t really want to waste time building skills by harvesting from plant to plant.

  64. Jason Says:

    Somehow i got the first opportunity in the first few weeks i think having a self employed gardener jog helps trigger the opportuniy

  65. Moon Says:

    Dear Tia,
    I’ve heard from lots of people that they cannot get the cheeseplant, eggplant etc etc ‘quests’. They have to keep in mind that you can only have 1 skill ‘quest’ at a time. So if you’re doing one for sports (for instance) you cannot get another one for gardening. I think that’s the main reason people don’t get the omni-plant quest.

    I’ve also read somewhere that you can use Life fruit and Deathflowers to cook Ambrosia that allows you to return to the first day of your age stage (or how to phrase it). Unfortunately, I cannot put a Deathflower in my fridge… do you know if it is possible?
    Thank you in advance


  66. pamela Says:

    I have a question, I am in twinbrook (ambitions expansion), are there any death plants in this city? Also tried to look for the sprinkler and couldnt find it do you know if it is available. How do I get my sim to other cities or is that possible so I can search other cities without an expansion I only have late night and ambitions. thank you

  67. Chloee:) Says:

    How do you get the Flame Fruit? I need it for Baked Angel Food Cake and i can’t find it!:( x

  68. Emilyy-addictedToSims3 Says:

    WOAAH! I L-O-V-E your websitee πŸ˜€ I am top level in gardening… I have to collecting thing…there aree MILLIONS of seeds in the world!!!!! I know you don’t like cheats but does anyone knoow the cheat to getting any plant(or something likee thaat) ??? I’d lovee the help πŸ˜€ how old aree you? My mum and stepdad have a go at me for beeing on sims ALL the time LOL! (:

  69. crazy Says:

    I have had quite a lot of sims who have reached gardening level ten, and i have found that a good way to get high quality plants (i have several perfect quality plants btw) is to buy plans from the supermarket and plant them. lol thats not all. everytime you get a harvest, the produce is one quality level higher than the plant. plant the new fruit/veggie/meat, etc to get a higher quality plant than the first. then keep doing it till u get perfect plants!!! plus its a great way to improve the skill. also, to get flame fruits without finding the seed, in sunset valley there is a house near the beach called sur la plage. there is a garden that is growing a normal quality flame fruit plant. xx

  70. Mia Says:

    Hello thank you so much for making this guide. It helps to hear from the experience of other Sims players.
    My sim has the green thumb trait and recently got the super green thumb lifetime happiness reward but when i try to click on a barren plant to try to revive it the option doesn’t show. is that really how it works or is my version of the game bugged?

  71. cherith Says:

    I became a partner in hogans deepfried diner and i got an oportunity to become the ‘main supplier’ for them but first i had to supply them with 20 uncommlonly good fruits i did that and now i can plant eggs and cheese. at the end it said ‘come back for a another challange when you reach grandening 9’ i have got there yet but will keep you posted?

  72. kitty Says:

    hi..i got 2 life fruits from my quest in egypt..i planted one then when i looked into my inventory the other life fruit was gone!!do you have any idea why??

  73. Mustain Says:

    Hi, coolio guide, I have a question:

    I have mastered gardening skill and I got the Collector Lifetime reward, it helps a lot and all, but I still couldn’t get what I most want: Money Tree. I picked up several unknown special / uncommon / rare seeds, all of them are plants, and always lime trees. I saw in the guide that you have to complete some sort of challenge, can anyone explain it better? It’s kinda confusing (for me). Thanks in advance.

  74. Computerprogrammer1 Says:

    I’m not sure how I got the Flame Fruit, because I didn’t pick the seed up and plant it, I did not buy it, and I did not pick up the fruit. However, I might have gotten it because I recently had a fire. What do you think happened?

  75. nura Says:

    I found cherry tree (normal quality) in front of the Hong household…..

  76. Emily Says:

    what i found u can do is look around the world for peoples houses who are growing plants. visit them and harest their veggies and stuff. One person was gowing 5 death flowers, life fruit and some flame fruit. Good luck searching everyone!!!

  77. Jennifer Kinney Says:

    Hi, First i want to say the guide is awesome, I am playing sims 3 pets and i am wondering when i make the meals out of my perfect fruits, veggies and so on can i sell them and if so would you happen to know which ones i can sell and for how much? ty so much for you time


  78. Hailey Says:

    I know cheats all ruin the fun, but I really need some help in my game, so where do you put the cheats in?

  79. Hailey Says:

    I found out that if you have Late NIght, Plasma friut is good fertilizer and you can just buy it at the grocery store.

  80. AWESOMEASIAN1999 ;D Says:


  81. CGG2 Says:

    You can transfer a specific amount of fruits, veggies or fish to the fridge or the nectar maker by pressing shift while dragging! πŸ˜‰

  82. Troymcclure Says:

    What fish did you use to fertilize the money tree with??

  83. Alexa Faust Says:

    okay so i did the whole ghost baby thing, but now i want my son to be alive. I tried forcing the grimreaper npc with a harvested death flower in my inventory. but it didn’t work. What do i do?

  84. COOP Says:

    I’m having some trouble with planting things. I have an onion and some lettuice etc (from the supermarket) in my inventory but there is no ‘plant’ option. It only says eat or put away. Do you need gardening level 1 to start planting? I’m under the impression you can plant whole veggies and such, but is that untrue? I tried to put it on the ground and that makes the ‘plant’ option visible for the onion- but grey (higher level required), and doesn’t show any option for the lettuice. Is this a glitch? I just bought the game used earlier this week. I’ve also been trying with apples etc. I had the option to harvest lime trees from up the street (there’s a park next to my house right under where it says Moonlight Bay), but all i got were unplantable fruits.

    any help?

  85. SimsAholic Says:

    Do you have any other tips beside gardening by you?

  86. Spring generally is genuinely whenever you will like plant life converging with lifetime | Plant Growth Says:

    […] PBS: Public Broadcasting ServicePandora Radio – Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New MusicSims 3 Gardening – Life Fruit, Death Flower, Money Tree, Flame …Past Issue Archive – Life Time Fitness – The Healthy Way of Life …Evolution […]

  87. :) Says:

    Do omni plants eat sims?

  88. cassy Says:

    did you know that there is a onmi plant located in the science center’s garden and i wasn’t fed anything, also if you take great care of the money tree they will randomly give you more seeds.

  89. Bebbi Says:

    where can i get flame fruit and life fruit in hidden spring??

  90. Bebbi Says:

    here can i get flame fruit and life fruit in brigeport??????????

  91. Bebbi Says:

    and Twinbrook

  92. Newell Familys Says:

    what patch are we talking about here that will make the opportunity for the cheese/eggs less random? I’m at a loss.. Please explain!

  93. Ryan (Girl) Says:

    what happens if a pregnant sim eats ambrosia????

  94. Jeremy P Says:

    A single Perfect Truffle sells for $168. What’s even better is that truffle plants never die unless continuously neglected.
    Truffles are also outstanding fertilizer.

    So if you want to get quick cash from gardening, get your gardening skill up to level 7 so you can start planting lots of truffles.
    Every 3-4 Sim-days, truffles become harvestable if they are fertilized, watered and weeded properly.

    I hope this helps someone.

    • Lily Says:

      Wow, that does help!

      You can also get truffles from the Grocery Store for $63, and it is worth it since you can plant it and get it to $168.

  95. Janie Says:

    In supernatural how do you keep zombies away from your garden

    • Lily Says:

      I don’t know if you have the limited edition, but it had Peashooters which you can activate to cure the zombies.

      You can also go to the options menu and change the full moon cycle so it doesn’t happen at all, though full moon IS part of the game.

      The only other option I can think of is surround the plants by fences with no doors to get in, and take off the fence after the full moon night so your Sim can get in. This does cost you money though, and you will have to do it continuously.

  96. feeding cats Says:

    Hi everybody, here every one is sharing these experience, so it’s good to read this blog, and I used to go to see this blog every day.

  97. piepgras Says:

    damn it, I’m also stuck on 95% and nothing is helping it.

  98. lisa Says:

    Do u have to be a certain level to plant. Seeds because when i go into my inventory and click on the seed it only gives me the option to use and my sim eats it when i click on that and then it says sell or close. What do i do.

  99. Ceriella Says:

    I realised that if on the last challenge for the Omni seed, if you give them perfect steaks instead of outstanding, they give you 10 omni seeds, with various qualities, perfect included.

    Not sure if it’s due to the steaks or maybe that my Sim has all skill milestones, level 10 in gardening, green thumb trait and super green thumb reward.

    It worked twice (same sim) my xbox crashed so I had to re-do.

    My other sim who had done the challenge before my current sim, had gave outstanding steaks and the highest seed she got was outstanding, which well didn’t go perfect.

    Just thought I’d let people know if their having trouble getting a perfect Omni plant.

  100. Ieva Says:

    I have downloaded a tractor to save my sim from spending all day in the garden. Ended up with a massive farm. πŸ˜€ Oh.. And there’s one thing that I’ve found today about reviving death flower more then once.. If you have a unicorn as a pet then it can ”BLESS FLORA” and it will get back to life. I would not use it on every plant as the unicorn gets low on magic powers quite fast so keep it for special plants when needed. πŸ™‚

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