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2 Responses to “SIMS 3 strategy guide”

  1. sandra Says:

    Extracted from “Gardening – ITEM SELECTION”

    To select all items at once in your inventory (for example ALL apples) click and hold the little arrow in the upper left hand corner. Drag your apples to the fridge, another persons inventory, or to sell them all at once! (this drove me crazy until i figured it out)

    – – – – – My Question – – – – – – –

    I can’t seem to find that ‘little arrow in the upper left hand corner,’ please help me figure where is it, so that I can click, hold it, and drag my inventory item selections.

    Thank you 🙂

  2. grunt3 Says:

    deathfish is only from 12am to 3am in the graveyard. I’d say the mood manager is the highest priority purchase. I get it right after the fast learner. If you pick an easy lifetime opportunity that you can complete within 2 weeks from the start, you should be able to buy the mood manager easily. Once you have it, you won’t need to sleep, eat, etc… and that will leave you plenty of time to up your skills. You have to wait till you get a warning to use it with high success rate. If your energy is at 30 percent before going to work, zap yourself to get it to zero then cure yourself with high success.

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